• BB Registration forms
    BB registration is on Friday 22nd from 7pm – 8pm for boys in P1 – P7. If you are unable to make this and would still like to join us …
  • Friday 22nd October CONNECT
    We begin our new CONNECT on Friday nights from 8-10pm! This is for anyone 1st year and older and our aim is to combine the best of what we offered …
  • Sunday 17th October – Connect for Youth.
    This is for anyone who is secondary school age or older and will involve praise, bible teaching, prayer, small group discussions, mission focus, interviews, trigger talks and more spread out …


Friday 29th October
  •   8:00 pm - Connect Fridays (Y8+)

Saturday 30th October
  •   8:00 am - Joe Kernohan's Prayer Cell

Sunday 31st October
  •   10:15 am - Sunday School

  •   10:30 am - Connect - One to One Fellowship Time (Y10+)

  •   11:30 am - Morning Worship

  •   6:15 pm - Evening Worship at Trinity

  •   8:00 pm - Connect Sundays (Y8+)

Wednesday 3rd November
  •   8:00 pm - Mid-Week Bible Study & Prayer Meeting

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