Revival Movement Association & Every Home Crusade

Mr Ernie Allen and his wife Kathleen decided in 1960 to commence an Evangelistic programme in Northern Ireland in order to reach each home with a printed Gospel Message. This was the commencement of Every Home Crusade. The first county that he started to work in was Co. Fermanagh. A group of Christians worked with him by visiting each home in the towns and villages with a Gospel Leaflet.

A Missionary, Miss Pixie Caldwell, was on furlough from her work in Nigeria. She saw some of the Literature that Ernie Allen was producing so she requested some of it to be sent to Nigeria for her work. When the Pastors and Christian workers saw the Literature they wrote to Belfast asking for further supplies. Since then requests have come from all over the world

A member of our congregation, Simon Wade has been working with the Revival Movement for many years. We as a congregation prayerfully and financially support this work as they now produce 1300 tonnes of literature a year in many languages.