London City Mission – May 2021 Prayer Letter

It is a great privilege to know that we have behind us a community of prayers worriers, that we can call on, when we find ourselves helpless to pray or confused.

As a family, we are asking for your prayers.

I am reminded of the words of C.H.Spurgeon who once said, “To trust God in the light is nothing but trust Him in the dark-that is faith.” Faith and hope are like a light that guides through the darkness.

You are aware that I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Up on till a few months ago the cancer was stable. Unfortunately, we have found out that it has spread and is more aggressive. In the next few weeks I will be admitted to hospital for surgery that will hopefully remove all the cancer. We are still waiting for a date of admission. We were assured by the medical specialists that it will be soon.

Please pray that there will be no delay in the admission.

Pray for calmness, peace, and holding on to the Lord, and against anxiety of going to hospital and the procedure.

Pray for Naomi and the children, that we will draw closer to the Lord, and that the experience will turn into more deepening our faith and give us more strength in the Lord. And that we will know that the Lord is in control. His grace is sufficient, 2Cor. 12:9.

I praise God for the medical care and system in this country. Pray for surgeon and team that will do the surgery, that all the cancer is removed. When operation is done, that recovery will go well, and that there will be no set backs.

Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and knowledge during this waiting time for operation, that I balance well the collaborative meetings with Churches, individual Christians waiting to come on board to serve with us in the mission in King’s Cross.

God bless,

Daada and Naomi