Silk Road Ministries – Spring 2021 Update

Billy & Jeanne Campbell

COVID-19 is still an active virus around the world. Thankfully, vaccines are now on offer and individuals everywhere are being encouraged to be vaccinated. Many of you have assured us of your ongoing prayers during this pandemic. The disruptions caused by the virus are affecting everyone, and many people are afraid, depressed, and in despair. We must rest in God who is ‘our shield and our defender!’


The situation in Myanmar is extremely serious. The protests continue throughout the nation and the military are retaliating. Tragically, over 700 protesters and others have been killed, among them many children. The crisis is escalating as thousands of demonstrators have been arrested, many of whom have serious injuries. The elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been detained and will stand trial for ‘corrupt behaviour!’ Myanmar is at a crossroads and the coup could seriously impact the country’s gradual return to democracy. British citizens have been advised to leave Myanmar immediately. Please pray that the enemy’s activities will be brought to a halt and that peace and democracy will soon return to the country.


Congratulations to John and Judith.

By way of contrast we received this happy picture from principal Paul, of the wedding of John and Judith on 27th February 2021. They met several years ago when they were both students at the Bible College and will now serve the Lord together in the pastorate. To God be all the praise and glory.


Give praise to God that the tractor has finally arrived at the Hope House farmland! Yem Sarorn, the Hope House school principal and director of the work, is absolutely thrilled with this practical provision. The new farm labourer, who has previous experience driving tractors, has been busy preparing the land ready for planting suitable crops in the wet season.

The school children are doing well, under the guidance of Yem Sarorn and his team of dedicated, faithful teachers. Pray that they all stay safe from Covid-19. 

The pilot chicken project, which Yem Sarorn and the farm manager started several months ago, is proving to be very successful. Currently there are 12 chickens, 50 chicks, ten ducks and two geese. Please pray that the intruders who recently tried to steal some goats and chickens will soon be caught. The farm manger and staff must now keep watch on the farmland to protect all the animals and fish.