Platform 67 – January 2021 Prayer Letter

Andrew and Pamela Dudgeon

 With almost 3 billion people living where they cannot find a church or perhaps even a Christian, large parts of the world still need Christian witness to reach them. Platform 67 gives people ways to help gospel ministries in places they are unlikely to ever get to themselves. We provide simple ways to pray every week with informed news from different countries by email.  We also partner with dozens of ministries around the world that are working hard to introduce the Good News into gospel-hungry places but which need help – everything from internet radio in North Africa to solar-powered Bibles for Asia and supporting indigenous Bible training in Peru. 


Most Vietnamese homes have an altar for offerings of food and prayers to ancestors. In a country where extended family is hugely important, those who leave this traditional lifestyle to follow Jesus encounter persecution. Through it all, the church grows! Pray for more believers to be equipped to handle persecution. Ask for an abundance of local Christian support for those enduring trials. The country of almost 100 million people has now recorded its 35th Covid death – almost the lowest death rate in the  world.


Ten years ago this month the Arab Spring broke out, first in Tunisia and then across the region. Egypt continues to face security issues and struggles to recover from a battered economy. Many Egyptians left to find work elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East. Among them are some who know and love Jesus and now themselves in hard places long closed off to the gospel. These are today’s missionaries and they are doing a fantastic job of witnessing. We can pray for them today. Ask that God’s Word would take root in fertile Arabic ground. Pray for new believers to remain faithful despite opposition. 


It is not uncommon to see Bhutanese males prostrate on the ground in the flawed hope of spiritual merit. Most churches can only meet in homes however growing numbers of foreigners normally pass through the capital, Thimphu, including Nepalese and Chinese with vibrant Christians among them. With borders now shut, that movement is no longer happening. Pray for locally-driven, gospel communities with eyes on Jesus for their every need. Ask for grace during persecution. Pray “Your kingdom come!” The country had its first Covid death just last week but cases are rising. 


Take time to thank the Lord for the confidence we can have in the success of gospel witness around the world, no matter the language or the culture. We start 2021 in Chad where life expectancy is barely 47 years. At least 70 languages have no Bible portions translated. The 17,000 Marfa people live more than 100 miles from the nearest town. Ask God for more Bible translators. Pray for strong devotional lives and effective teaching among the few Marfa believers.


Difficult times in southern Madagascar where the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance compared with last year has doubled to more than 1.3 million. Covid restrictions have hit hard and many have been left with no work but successive droughts are to blame too. Maybe you could take a minute today to pray for Christian workers serving in tough conditions. Remember those in medical ministry.  May their witness be hope-filled this week.


Our partners request prayer as the country undergoes major upheaval. Wages and prices have been increased five-fold as Cuba moves from using three different currencies to two. The change is seen as vital but is happening at the worst possible time with the economy badly hit by Covid. Those not receiving government salaries (eg pastors) will struggle. Meanwhile, in-person Bible training classes are slowly resuming this month. With a significant improvement in internet availability, there are also some online classes becoming available. Lots to thank the Lord for but pray for pastors who are struggling. Ask the Lord for wisdom in managing diminishing incomes.

Also, another of our ‘Five Minutes of Mission’ video series is now ready.  Email us if it’s something that you or your church could use to help you better pray in informed ways, this time for S. Europe.