Open Doors

Over 340 million Christians are persecuted. They follow Jesus, no matter the cost.  Individual members of our congregation and as a congregation we faithfully pray for and support the work of Open Doors.

Open Doors supporters are among many Christians around the world who are faithfully praying for and supporting those are being persecuted for their faith in many countries.

On 19 February 2018, over 100 girls were abducted from Leah’s school, in Nigeria. Tragically, one of the girls died in captivity. All the others were released within a month – except Leah. Why was she the only girl who was kept? Because she refused to deny her faith in Jesus.

Since then, Leah has spent her 15th, 16th and 17th birthdays in captivity. In May, she will turn 18. Last year, news reached Leah’s family that she was still alive – through another woman who had been abducted. She hadn’t seen Leah, but she’d met another woman who had. This might seem like fragile hope, but it is a lifeline for her struggling family in the face of so little news.