Calvary Mission

Calvary Mission was founded in 1998 with the desire to establish Gospel churches in the West of Ireland. In the goodness of the Lord the work has grown and we now have churches meeting in Westport, Ballina, Castlebar, Charlestown, Claremorris, Roscommon, Loughrea and Longford.  Our vision, by God’s grace, is to continue to plant churches that in turn plant churches.  Ireland is a very needy country.  The percentage of evangelical Christians currently stands at 0.4%.  This means that Ireland today is the most unreached English speaking country in the world.   There are almost 70 towns with a population of more than 5000 with no evangelical witness whatsoever. We long to see that change, for the glory of our great God.

We receive regular updates from Karen Burns and Rhonda Glass and their work in the Christian Bookshop ministry and door to door evangelism.